More AI knowledge: 7 leading AI influencers on YouTube

These well-known AI influencers on YouTube present practical news, trends, research highlights and analyses. This means you always have exciting insights and practical instructions in the field of artificial intelligence at your fingertips.

Wes Roth

  • Our rating: ★★★★★
  • YouTube channel slogan: “Bringing you the latest AI news, emerging tech and artificial intelligence breakthroughs.”
  • Reach: 129K subscribers
  • Topics: Wes Roth focuses on AI news and offers insights into building AI agents, analyzing AI developments and discussing their implications. The channel features a variety of topics, from AI in games to commercial AI applications.
  • Most viewed videos:
    • “Build an Entire AI Agent Workforce” (359K views)
    • “Minecraft AI – NVIDIA uses GPT-4” (337K views)
    • “AI Apps Making $20000 per month with 1 person teams” (337K views)
    • “Google AI Documents Leak” (319K views)
    • “Autonomous AI Agents – why YOU should be building them” (291K views)
  • YouTube link: Wes Roth

Matthew Berman

  • Our rating: ★★★★★ (clear, informative, nice topic-mix)
  • Youtube channel slogan: “Artificial Intelligence (AI), Open Source, Generative Art, AI Art, Futurism, ChatGPT, Large Language Models (LLM), Machine Learning, Technology, Coding, Tutorials, AI News, and more”
  • Reach: 163K subscribers
  • Topics: Matthew Berman offers a rich mix of AI-related topics on his channel, ranging from open source AI and generative art to futurism and LLMs. His videos cover a range from technical tutorials to news
  • Highlight: Good analysis of scientific papers in the AI field (so everyone really understands them)
  • Most viewed videos:
    • “Rabbit R1: The First Personal AI AGENT Device NO ONE Saw Coming (Look Out Apple)” (1M views)
    • “Fully Uncensored GPT Is Here Use With EXTREME Caution” (580K views)
    • “How To Install PrivateGPT – Chat With PDF TXT and CSV Files Privately! (Quick Setup Guide)” (412K views)
    • “What Is Q*? The Leaked AGI BREAKTHROUGH That Almost Killed OpenAI” (291K views)
    • “AutoGen Tutorial Create Custom AI Agents EASILY (Incredible)” (263K views)
  • YouTube link: Matthew Berman

Matt Wolfe

  • Reach: 527K subscribers
  • Our rating: ★★★★★ (really helpful tutorials)
  • YouTube channel slogan: “AI, No-Code, Tech, Futurism – I’m a tech nerd and talk about tech nerd stuff”
  • Topics: Matt Wolfe’s channel focuses on no-code AI technologies and futurism. He provides an accessible introduction to various AI tools, creative applications of AI in art and discusses the latest trends and developments in the AI world.
  • Most viewed videos:
    • “This Is Better Than ChatGPT (With Prompting Guide)” (1.2M views)
    • “Creating AI Generated Logos Using MidJourney” (889K views)
    • “AI’s Most Insane Week – Things Will Never Be The Same” (808K views)
    • “Make A Movie with AI: It’s Crazy What We Can Do!” (769K views)
    • “Like MidJourney But Unlimited Free Image Generations!” (687K views)
  • YouTube link: Matt Wolfe

Goda Go

  • Our rating: ★★★★ (more of this helpful content please 😉
  • Youtube channel slogan: “Hi, I am Goda, an architect turned entrepreneur and a co-founder of a full-service AI Agency”
  • Reach: 55K subscribers
  • Topics: As co-founder of an AI agency, Goda Go shows pragmatic videos on useful AI tools, introduces prompting techniques, explores the latest capabilities of Midjourney and other creative AIs, shows the hype around “making money with AI” and much more.
  • Most viewed videos:
    • “This Odd ChatGPT Skill Pays $335000/year” – 570K views
    • “This Will Make You Better than 99% ChatGPT Users” – 344K views
    • “Only 1% Use ChatGPT Correctly (This is How)” – 184K views
    • “How to Turn ChatGPT into AutoGPT with 1 Prompt” – 133K views
    • “Man Who Turned ChatGPT into AutoGPT with 1 Prompt” – 80K views
  • YouTube link: Goda Go


  • Our rating: ★★★★ (great content, but warning: slight clickbait headline overkill)
  • YouTube channel slogan: “From the latest research and developments in machine learning and natural language processing, to practical applications and the ethical considerations surrounding AI”
  • Reach: 166K subscribers
  • Topics: TheAIGRID covers a wide range of AI topics, including the latest research, practical applications and ethical considerations. The channel provides updated information on the state of the art and stimulates discussions about the future of intelligence.
  • Most viewed videos:
    • “Google’s GEMINI Just SHOCKED The ENTIRE INDUSTRY!” (3.5M views)
    • “ADOBE’S NEW Insane FIREFLY SHOCKS The Entire Industry!” (859K views)
    • “Adobe’s New AI ‘FIREFLY Photoshop’ Has Everyone Stunned!” (762K views)
    • “Rabbit’s New AI AGENT Device Just SHOCKED The Entire INDUSTRY” (713K views)
    • “This is Why GPT 5 Will Change The World” (650K views)
  • YouTube link: TheAIGRID

AI Explained

  • Our rating: ★★★★★ (fun-to-watch videos full of infos and fun memes)
  • YouTube channel slogan: “Covering the biggest news of the century – the arrival of smarter-than-human AI. What is happening, what might soon happen and what it means for all of us.”
  • Reach: 222K subscribers
  • Topics: AI Explained has an extremely wide reach and covers the most important AI news. The channel covers current developments and in-depth presentations of new ChatGPT updates, frequent glimpses into the future, great video summaries and memes and much more. It’s fun!
  • Highlight: A YouTube user comment sums it up well: “The thing I love about your channel is you only post when there is news to share, instead of posting filler on a regular schedule to appease the algorithm. The signal to noise ratio of this channel is 100%”
  • Most viewed videos:
    • “‘Sparks of AGI’ – Bombshell GPT-4 Paper” (909K views)
    • “GPT 4 Got Upgraded – Code Interpreter” (533K views)
    • “GPT 4 Can Improve Itself” (427K views)
    • “GPT 4: Full Breakdown” (390K views)
    • “‘Pause Giant AI Experiments’ – Letter Breakdown” (350K views)
  • YouTube link: AI Explained

David Shapiro

  • Our rating: ★★★★★ (great advanced in-depth topics)
  • YouTube channel slogan: “Navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution!”
  • Reach: 129K followers
  • Topics: David Shapiro (trademark Captain Picard look) provides in-depth analysis and discussion on his channel about the fourth industrial revolution and its impact on business and society. With a focus on advanced AI topics such as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), the future of work, and the impact of AI on businesses and nations, Shapiro offers insight and speculation that is both informative and forward-thinking. His videos are known for their in-depth research and ability to make complex topics understandable.
  • Most viewed videos:
    • “Post Labor Economics: How will the economy work after AGI?” (400K views)
    • “Post-Singularity Predictions – How will our lives corporations and nations adapt to AI revolution?” (361K views)
    • “OpenAI’s Q* is the BIGGEST thing since Word2Vec…” (239K views)
    • “AGI within 18 months” (223K views)
    • “10 AI Predictions for 2024 – Trends today” (218K views)
  • Youtube link: David Shapiro’s Youtube channel

Conclusion: Follow AI trends with fun and inspiration on YouTube

AI Youtubers make research and trends accessible to many. From the latest developments and theories in AI research to practical tips for using AI in everyday life, coding, jobs and politics, these likeable influencers offer a wide range of knowledge. In addition to new AI knowledge, it’s always about getting inspiration. The personalities listed here do this very well – again and again. A real booster for your AI career.

Tip: If you subscribe to your favorites, you will always have inspiring input ready on YouTube and will be suggested similar good topics. This way, you can get fit for AI and quickly pass this on to colleagues and friends without having to break out in reading stress.