Adobe Express now with free AI features from Adobe Firefly

The groundbreaking AI “Adobe Firefly” is now integrated into Adobe Express. The AI features let you generate photos and graphics just the way you want them, or create novel text effects. This saves time and increases quality.

With Adobe Express, one can quickly and easily create flyers, logos, business cards, video clips, posts and ad creatives for social media such as LinkedIn or Instagram and much more. The tool is aimed at beginners and ambitious people who want to get creative themselves without using an agency or designer, for example. However, creative professionals also sometimes work with this tool because it saves time and allows for quick results.

Adobe Firefly is a groundbreaking generative AI from Adobe that enables various features in the design space. The features it enables are now being increasingly used in Adobe’s products to make workflows and results faster and better. This will run through several of Adobe’s products, including Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and now even Adobe Express.

Adobe Firefly’s new AI features in Adobe Express include

Text to Image

Adobe Firefly’s Text to Image AI feature lets you describe what you need for an image or visualization via prompt in any language. You then get four variations and can generate more variations with a click.

Text effects

Another new AI feature of Adobe Firefly in Adobe Express is the creation of text effects, such as golden, shiny font and more. The effects can be freely defined by prompt. This allows you to create novel visual highlights that were not possible before.

Text-to-image: This is what the new AI-based image creation feature can do

For a fictional book cover, we generated photos of an author via Firefly. We created the design, including image generation and incorporation, within 5 minutes. This saves Adobe Express and especially the new AI features valuable time and allows creatives to get to the desired result faster.

One can also set styles so that the image fits well into the desired visual concept. These include styles such as Photorealistic, Minimalism, Comic, Steampunk, and about 60 other styles and options.

Text effects: AI-based styles for texts bring new visual impulses

For the text effects, we tried out a font made of fire and one made of chocolate via Prompt. Again, the results are convincing after just a few tries. This can result in novel styles reminiscent of movie productions for children like “Monster AG” or more serious ones like shiny black letters or similar. But also more serious applications in typography are possible, because almost everything can be defined by prompt.

Here is the result of the font with AI-based chocolate texture:

Conclusion: Adobe Firefly perfectly supports the design process

The powerful Firefly image generation functionality in Adobe Express is compelling and free to boot. It has now given tough competition to other AI image tools like Midjourney and DALL-E 2. Especially since Adobe is more aligned in the creative rights (copyright, usage) space, since the generated images are based on Adobe photo stock as well as opensource images and are not integrated into the AI training from the Internet without being asked.

The AI-generated text styles enable novel visual stimuli. Adobe is a pioneer in creative software for a reason, helping designers and creatives around the world take advantage of new innovative opportunities.

Our conclusion: Adobe Firefly image AI fits perfectly into Adobe tools. This is a clear advantage over standalone solutions like Midjourney and co. Because it allows you to live the creative workflow seamlessly instead of shimmying from tool to tool. Designers should learn to confidently use the new AI capabilities to further make themselves indispensable and expand their creative repertoire.

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