Bing Chat is now available for Chrome

From now on, you can use Microsoft’s AI “Bing Chat” in Google Chrome. Chrome is the most used browser in the world, so now millions more users can access the AI much easier.


  • 07/2023: Microsoft announces phased Bing Chat support for Google Chrome and Safari
  • 24.8.2023: Bing Chat is now live for Google Chrome
  • 24.8.2023: Microsoft announces Bing Chat for Safari browsers will follow soon (stated by CEO Mikhail Parakhin)

To Bing Chat

This is what Bing Chat now offers to Google Chrome users

Since Aug. 24, 2023, “Bing Chat” can finally be used in the Google Chrome browser. Previously, you had to install Microsoft’s browser “Microsoft Edge” for this, which deterred many users. After all, long-time users often don’t want to swap their favorite browser for a new one, or even use it in parallel.

Whether Bing Chat will now get more users remains to be seen, because the Bing search engine has considerably fewer users than Google. Nevertheless, this general opening of Microsoft is very welcome.

Bing Chat: Nützliche Vorschläge
Bing Chat: Useful suggestions on the home page, such as summaries, funny, create texts, tables, shopping and more

Behind “Bing Chat” works with GPT-4, the same AI technology as you get in the paid ChatGPT Plus version. With Bing Chat, however, this is available free of charge. GPT-4 is the most successful language model so far, as it delivers very good results. In addition, the AI has integrated access to new information via the “Bing Search” search engine, while ChatGPT has to resort to plugins for this. For example, it is easy to have the messages of several websites summarized.

Advantages of Bing Chat:

  • GPT-4 is free to use
  • Access to current information from the Internet (Bing Search)
  • Browser AI together usable for searches (similar to Google Bard)
  • Integration with Microsoft tools, e.g. download as Excel, Word, Powerpoint and more
  • Useful suggestions, e.g. combine messages multiple websites, create personalized jokes, write smart texts, create spreadsheets, support internet shopping, travel planning and more

Example: Bing Chat for internet searches and tables

Bing Chat searches the web for information on demand, such as gross domestic product and spending on cultural funding. Serious, relevant sources such as the federal government, Statista, the Federal Agency for Civic Education are consulted and even clearly named. This improves trust in AI-researched content. If desired, the results can be downloaded, e.g. as an Excel spreadsheet, which significantly simplifies the work and workflow.

Bing Chat nun für Google Chrome verfügbar - Beispiel-Chat: Tabelle erstellen, als Excel runterladen
Bing Chat now available for Google Chrome – example chat: create table, download as Excel

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To Bing Chat

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