Create learning materials with ChatGPT

With this guide, you can have learning materials for school and work created by ChatGPT in the shortest time and high quality. This offers teachers, parents and self-learners significant time savings when preparing lessons and exercises

Since October 2023 ChatGPT in the version “GPT-4V” enables the uploading of images and thus makes enormous work simplifications possible. Especially teachers, parents, pupils and students are offered new opportunities to improve their learning. Using the example of an English lesson for the 6th grade, we show here how to create learning material in a flash


  • Topic: Creating AI-based learning material from a photo.
  • Effort: Approximately 10 minutes.
  • Useful For: Teachers, parents, students, trainees, self-learners, content creators, and e-learning professionals.
  • Required Materials:
    • Subscription to ChatGPT Plus (around 20€/month)
    • Word or another word processor
    • 1-2 photos of the learning material (e.g., vocabulary list, textbook page)
    • A computer.

How to create learning materials with ChatGPT

Who doesn’t know the situation: The next exam is coming up and you need some additional learning material to review and practice the material. The amount of work to create a new exercise sheet is usually high (about 60 min) and also costs a lot of concentration. With ChatGPT you can do it in only 5-10 minutes

Step 1: Take photos of the learning material

As a basis, we want to use learning material from a textbook, because it is quickly and easily available and is perfect as a basis for an exercise sheet, because it often includes good examples and is prepared with high quality learning pedagogy

We first take photos with our cell phones of the textbook pages to be learned. We transfer the photos to the computer (e.g. send by mail, upload to Google Drive / iCloud or USB stick etc.)

Example: page from an English textbook for the 6th grade

Create learning material with ChatGPT: As a base, we use 1-2 photos from the textbook
Create learning material with ChatGPT: As a base, we use 1-2 photos from the textbook


Step 2: Create learning material with ChatGPT

Go to ChatGPT Plus in your browser and select the “GPT-4” model from the dropdown at the top. ChatGPT Plus is the paid version of ChatGPT. This costs about 20 € per month and brings as its main advantage the much more powerful AI model GPT-4, while the free version uses the simpler AI model GPT-3.5-turbo.

ChatGPT Plus with image upload function
ChatGPT Plus with image upload function


With the image icon (“Attach images”) you can upload images. We upload two pages from a good English textbook. Add the prompt (instruction) with which you give ChatGPT its task or questions.

Examples of prompts for teaching material

Try different prompts to get more appropriate results. There are no limits to creativity here. ChatGPT in the version GPT-4 can really deliver extraordinarily good results. Even simple, short prompts bring good results.

  • “You are an experienced English teacher for children in elementary school. Create practice sheets to quiz these English units (6th grade). Create about 10 questions per practice sheet”
  • “Create a multiple choice test”
  • “Create a vocabulary table with columns ‘German’, ‘English’, ‘Example sentence’. Leave alternately the German or English column blank to fill in.”


Create learning material with ChatGPT: with image upload and prompt
Create learning material with ChatGPT: with image upload and prompt


Tip: The more context the AI knows, the better the results

Therefore, add information such as the subject to be learned, the target group and the desired format. Also the trick to tell ChatGPT in the first sentence from which role the answer should be (e.g. “patient primary school teacher”, “helpful, clear university lecturer” etc.) results in significant quality increases of the generated answer

Tip: Let ChatGPT generate the solution as well

For more challenging lessons and for self-checking, it often helps to have the solution ready quickly. For this you can use ChatGPT to generate the solutions at the same time. Prompt: “Enter the solutions” or “Number the tasks and create an additional solution sheet”

Tip: Personalize learning materials

Children of all ages get excited when the text has to do with themselves. Prompt: “Use the following names in the examples: “Clara”, “Jim”, “Jonas” as well as “Class 6b of the school at Maximiliansplatz”

Tip: Use “Custom Instructions

Are you a teacher or lecturer and do you regularly or frequently create learning material? Then you can make some basic settings in ChatGPT, the so called Custom Instructions. With this you can permanently tell ChatGPT your preferences, so you don’t have to do this every time. Example: “My profession: elementary school teacher at a Berlin elementary school”. More about Custom Instructions

Step 3: Prepare learning material

Now copy the generated text into your favorite word processor like Word, OpenOffice, Apple Pages or Google Docs. Here you have to do some formatting, which may take a few minutes depending on your needs

  • Choose a font size that is easy to read (14 or 16)
  • Add some blank lines so that you have enough space to write in
  • Make the headings bold so they are easy to see
  • Print out the exercise sheet

Result: the finished, AI-generated English learning material on the topic “Simple Past”

The result of our English learning sheet is impressive and helps optimally in learning and preparing for the next paper, test or exam. Thus, teachers, parents, students, trainees, pupils and all other self-learners save time and can effectively and quickly improve the quality of learning by using AI

PDF download: Learning Material-English-Grade-6-Simple-Past

AI-generated learning material on the topic "Simple Past" for elementary school students
AI-generated learning material on the topic “Simple Past” for elementary school students


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